The ProblMSoLvR: Luc Lang!

As seasons change, so do the tymes Just as 2019 is projected to be a year of promises fulfilled for many creatives, Musiek is feeling honored to catch up w/ & spotlight one such creative who has been bringing good news our way consistently for the past several seasons! Songwriter, artist, playmaker and up-coming director: Luc Lang is busy putting together his latest installment which reflect all the appearances of that rare jewel that can adorn the crowns of criminals & creatives alike from Johannesburg, South Africa all the way to sunny California USA not to mention many scattered destinations in between.

If you find yourself searching Netflix or Hulu for engaging content this season, then be on the lookout like a lighthouse for a unique online vlog simply titled “E.R.” or Elevated Reality, which is a segment based documentary that Luc has been working on. It is currently being filmed in the city of Johannesburg and depicts the emphasized struggles and de-emphasized triumphs of 8 local music artists and producers who have their sights set on horizons of international lands and attaining global exposure. However, these same regal artists and producers are able to remain humble and know that true ideals such as the importance of family and the ability to work in unity will ultimately provide the developments they are most deserving of! “I want to give the viewer content they can identify with”, says Luc of the show. “In portraying the challenges-rather than the highlights-of the journey in making music and receiving exposure, the viewer should establish a genuine connection with the artist which would also include a stronger connection to that artists music!”, Luc plainly admits.

Armed with several media house engagements on content licensing, Luc anticipates longevity and being able to witness several seasons of E.R. unfold. It is even rumored that a content deal is in the works with the legend and business and media titan Mr. Damon Dash via a new enterprise which the mogul is spearheading, but you didn’t hear that from us! In any case: celebration is in order and already commences in an area below the surface of all current industry tidal waves, located in the heart of Johannesburg, South Africa. Strategically positioned in the under-current of the music-industries frozen mass and mostly shrouded in secrecy by: nose-to-the-grindstone hustle, you can catch the magic of E.R. unfold through a location request if your familiar with any of the soon to be infamous characters it celebrates or make sure it lands on the screens of your laptop or iPhone/Android device as soon as it’s available for public consumption.

At the tip of this frozen creative iceberg-or the visible level-Luc-who is presumably back in the Golden State of California fresh from Joburg, unleashes his latest single featuring Soweto’s own Ma Azo, who originally hails from Limpopo and also landed a role in E.R. as one of the 8 aspiring artists on the come-up. The track is titled “ProblMSoLvR” and releases on all major streaming sites worldwide in early March 2019. PrblMSoLvR is an ode to international move makers with an emphasis on getting to the money in all currency forms. We at Musiek Magazine salute Luc on his endeavors and suggest you look out for this playmakers next move, as it is likely his best one!
Wanting to connect with Luc, his music, or any of the cast of “E.R.” on social media or other platforms? Not to worry, Musiek has got you covered!


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