THAT’S AFRICA Mixtape | A DRCollaboration x SPK


American female DJ  SPK, from Atlanta, GA and residing in Charlotte, NC has a released a mixtape in collaboration with DRC ApeParel showcasing amazing tracks from France, Puerto Rico, Morocco, Dominican Republic, and across the African Diaspora called “THAT’S AFRICA”.

THAT’S AFRICA Mixtape blends various BEATS, styles and riddums sourced from throughout the AFRICAN DIASPORA into one Gumbo. We all from Africa…EVERYBODY.” – Ndelo, Creative Director of DRC ApeParel

DRC ApeParel and SPK collaboration highlights AfroTrap, Afro-Latin, Afrobeat, and other dope vibes from Motherland and the Diaspora!! This mixtape features songs from MHD, Wiz Kid, Y du V, Lartiste & Caroliina, Hiro, Naza, 4Keus, Catalyna, Dadju, Anohni, Nicky Jam, Bad Bunny, Maïtre Gims, Sango, Jon Z & Ele A El Dominio, and more.

“Refreshing to hear a mixture of African music that has every genre you want to hear. You may not be able to understand the language but you can understand the beat and you feel the language. Love the mix a must hear.”
– A. Hood

Check out mix below:

1. AFRO TRAP Part.10 (Moula Gang) – MHD
2. Mafiosa – Lartiste feat. Caroliina
3. Hoe Je Bent – broederlifede feat. Frenna
4. COMME D’HAB – Y du v
5. Finis les – Alonzo
6. AFRO TRAP Part.7 (La Puissance) – MHD
7. Bénéfice – Ninho x MHD
8.Conte a Todos – Sango
9. La Débauche – Naza
10. Al Capone – Mozart La Para
11. Roger Milla – MHD
12. AFRO TRAP Part.5 (Ngatie Abedi) – MHD
13. Sapés comme jamais – Maître Gims ft. Niska
14. Mignon garçon – 4Keus feat. Naza, KeBlack & Dry
15. La Danse Du Matin – BMYE feat. Hiro, Naza, Jaymax, Youssopha, KeBlack & DJ Myst
16. A Gogo – NazA
17. Mirame – Catalyna
18. Aveuglé – Hiro
19. Ma fuzzy style – Dadju
20. Bella – MHD feat. WizKid
21. Django – Dadju feat. Franglish
22. Te Bote Remix – Casper, Nio Garcia, Darell, Nicky Jam, Bad Bunny, and Ozuna
23. Taken – Kalash
24. Obama – Fuego
25. Sin Putas No Hay Paraiso – Jon Z & Ele A El Dominio
26. Tubalife – Niska feat. Booba
27. FIBA – Y DU V
28. Afro Trap Part.1 (La Moula) – MHD

Appollonia K. (aka DJ SPK)
StereoTypez | Flood 93 | 92.7 the Block | FuBu Radio

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