Musiek Picks: Katie Belle

Music today is showcasing many artists with the talent to sing, yet this artist Katie Belle, emerges with a sense of belonging to the game…as though she was “Born for This.”

Hailing from the ATL, the musician, songwriter and actor, Katie’s work keeps her in Atlanta as well as recording in Nashville TN. Now  pair these things with the modeling assignments in Miami via several firms she has signed with (CLICK Models Atlanta, TTM Agency Nashville & Glitter Agency NYC) it is safe to say that she stays busy! Per her words, “being in the entertainment industry is a multi-tasking journey” as modeling, acting and her live performances work hand in hand to challenge her and mature her talents.

Her newest single described as a Pop-R&B tune is titled “Down For You” which was released September 7th along with official music video. Another single, “Promises” released on May 25, 2018 and currently has accumulative streams of over 200k. Following these successes: her 2017 single release of her original, “American Wild” now has over 250k accumulative streams and over 250k official music video views.

Needless to say, this artist is passionate about her songwriting, pulling from life experiences the inspiration to produce such creative works. Part of which is her tireless work in the community, from multiple performances for Relay for Life and CURE networks, to being a part of  the ROYOL tour which travels across the US presenting to High School and Middle School students a message about Teen Suicide Prevention and Bullying. One of her original songs, “Who I Am” is used in the marketing materials by Rachel’s Challenge Anti-Bully organization.

Blending creativity and purpose with amazing talent and passion, Katie Belle.

Listen to single: “Down For You”










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