Taylor Bennett talks creating his very own independent record label and signing singer Bianca Shaw and guitarist Zxxk on new Fuse ASMR interview!

Twenty two year old rapper Taylor Bennett has come a long way from being an independent artist rapping and singing in Chicago. As with his brother Grammy award-winning rapper, Chance The Rapper, Taylor is making his mark in music with his own unique sound wherein he talks about race, politics and sexuality.
Now with over 4 million streams on his latest six-song summer project, “Be Yourself” and his most recent reveal of his bisexuality to his friends, family and fans, Taylor is ready to shed light on how his upbringing in Chicago led to his current success which includes creating independent record label Tay Bennett Entertainment and signing singer Bianca Shaw and guitarist Zxxk.


Fuse’s Mind Massage features ASMR’s (autonomous sensory meridian responses) by some of your favorite hip hop stars as they chow down on their favorite foods and discuss their career, upbringing and more. Fans can check out new episodes from this digital series every week on fuse.tv. Past episodes include appearances by Diggy, Quincy, Jay IDK, Wiz Khalifa and Mya, among others.

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