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This man named DJ Flowfly….

When talking to him, his passion for music is evident….coming out of France, he traversed the waters to call Las Vegas home base with a residency at Drai’s After Hours. But during those trips, he’s had the opportunity to DJ in influential party scenes and clubs all over the world…, from Le Heat, Bokao’s, Bora Club in France to Infusion in Thailand, a stop to Bypass in Geneva then touching down to LIV and Wall in Miami. He’s known as the official DJ of the ‘French Connexion’ DJs and part of SKAM Artist DJs as well. Needless to say, this brother wears many hats…..
But Musiek Mag’s Editor got the chance to catch up with him for a quick Q&A in regards to his music and latest hit with JR Castro Rub off on You…

CD: DJ Flowfly!! What’s going on man?
FF: Hey, how are you! Thank you for having me! We appreciate it! Everything is doing good!

CD: Cool! So I’ve gotta ask this question, when I heard the name “DJ Flowfly” I was curious, how did you get that name?
FF: So when I was in France, I was djaying..and my friend was saying, “your flow… is fly!” And it became to be my name! That’s where it comes from.

CD: So tell us, how is Vegas? I know you’re travelling from France to Vegas a lot, how has it been?
FF: I love Vegas! It’s like the finale of the party, you know? The clubs of the world are in Vegas, you can see the top entertainers of the world in Vegas, it’s a really big scene there. Every DJ wishes the chance to play in Vegas one day

CD: A lot of people don’t know this, but you have a deep background in music, starting at a very young age correct?
FF: Yes that is correct. I started with piano when I was five years old, then drums….and at the age of thirteen I bought myself a turntable, and still continued to do piano!

CD: Man, so right now, you are involved with the latest project: “Rub off on You” with JR Castro..
FF: Yes!

CD: It’s Fire! So how was it working with JR Castro and how did you two collab to make this hit?
FF: Actually JR and I met at Drais doing a fabulous stint. We connected and right away he came up with it almost instantly. We started working on the track, and he went back to finish it at the studio at the Pulse, and we came up with this song “Rub off on You.” It’s doing really really well, I think we’ve already passed over 120K views in just a couple of weeks on Youtube..So’s doing great! We are working on a second project, because this collaboration was great so we are working on many more songs!


Check out the video to the single Rub off on You, featuring DJ Flowfly and JR Castro below:


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