Rapper and songwriter J.I.D discusses his new mixtape ‘DiCaprio 2’ and more on Fuse’s Mind Massage!

Following his “Never Had Sh!t Tour” European world tour, rapper and songwriter J.I.D has come a long way from making music in Atlanta, Georgia. Now signed to J. Cole’s Dreamville label, J.I.D has plans to take his family and music to a new level.

With the release of his new mixtape “DiCaprio 2” on its way, J.I.D stopped by Fuse to discuss his plans for the future on an all new episode of Mind Massage as part of Fuse’s Hip-Hop at 45 celebration. Check out the clip below to hear J.I.D chat about everything from why Leonardo DiCaprio is his favorite actor to Atlanta strip clubs.

J.I.D ASMR on Fuse’s Mind Massage:


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