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Kyle Jennings

American singer/songwriter Kyle Jennings arrived on the music scene in 2004 when his album “Shine” was released on Dark Horse Records Nashville. Out of the box Jennings music made an impactful first impression likely due to cross-genre rock influences such as Journey, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, and Tom Petty. A gritty blue-collar mix of Americana, rock, folk, and blues influences and a deep-rooted traditional country stronghold are signature characteristics of Jennings musical style.

Although primarily recognized as a country artist, Jennings music is quite diverse. His infusion of blues, folk, rock, and country have provided him a broad spectrum musical platform and his small town stories and affection for the American way of life has become signature in his work. He currently tours the US both acoustically and with his band performing venues ranging from the smaller honky tonk circuit to massive fairs and festivals and various live music venues coast to coast.

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